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Get ready for Christmas!

Christmas Estate & Wholesale Auction Now Live

In August you say, yep. We can't hold Christmas items any longer. From 8' tall inflated Igloo with rotating Santa & Snowman to 5' tall tin soldiers to over 40 music boxes & water globes. From enough lights to keep Peacock Lane in Portland bright to hand-made ornaments by the boxes (big boxes). More Santas than you've ever seen in your lifetime, etc., etc., etc.
For resellers, antique mall dealers and crafts people, get ready to stock up your homes and garages. For you that recently purchased that dream home, get ready to out Christmas Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation.
NOTE: We added lots of items from a florist that is closing up shop after over 75 years in business. Many of their lots will be larger, new items for the florist trade. So some good buys for you in the business or non-profits as well.
ALSO: We have found more than we can possibly put on by our starting so will have lots of Christmas left over to add to the next few auction as well.

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