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September Online Auction
With a Barnyard Flair PLUS!

The second half of our Barnyard Flair estate with its chickens, cast iron, more Disney, teapots and cookie jars. Lots of surprises that we are still uncovering daily so keep an eye on this site.

* Chickens! Ceramic, porcelain, cement, brass, fighting cocks and . . . let's just say boxes of chickens.
* Lots of "farm" related collectibles. Items with cows, pigs and, yes, chickens.
* Cast iron toys and several groups of vintage Breyer horses and cows
* Lots of small furniture; side and coffee tables
** PLUS our normal groups of jewelry, sports and movie signed memorabilia and much more that we haven't even gotten to yet. Plus lots of items that we normally have will still be there.




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