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December Estate & Consignment Auction

There's have a small estate, a little vintage barber shop and a huge sports memorabilia and collectible consignment as well as a little bit of everything in this auction.
Barber shop? Yep, if you've been over to the Kenton area of Portland, you've probably seen the 7 Bucks A Wack Barbershop. She passed away and we have most of the insides of her shop. Chairs, clippers, signs and even a barber pole is in this auction.
One of our buyers has decided he has way too much "stuff" and brought over a huge assortment of sports memorabilia, belt buckles, knives and other cool items that are included.
A beautiful Grandfather clock, a Bose Acoustic Wave System, lots of vintage 35mm camera equipment and so much more! Have fun. . .

Thanks, Big Al

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