2 Day Auction



Region: Battleground


Friday 7th of October 2022 9:00 AM till Saturday 8th of October 2022 5:00 PM

Friday: 9am - 6pm
Saturday: 8am - done

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Save the dates for our Fall Auction at the Red Barn:

Friday, October 7th doors open at 9am for preview, auction starts at 11am and will run until 6pm. 

Saturday, October 8th doors open at 8am for preview, auction starts at 10am and will run until we are done. We will start with firearms on Saturday morning. 

We have close to 1000 lots! The pictures posted is not everything we have consigned but it should give you a taste of what we have to auction. We also have over 100 firearms checked in with our FFL. No firearms will be stored onsite. If you cannot attend our live auction, you can bid online for most of the firearms on HiBid.

1955 Farmall 200 Tractor: Serial# 3717 while not rare, only 15K were made. It is a working tractor. Has been used regularly for hauling wood and to plow snow on Bald Mt. Runs great, with professionally rebuilt carburetor, rebuilt brakes, new starter, new dash gauges, and new steering wheel. Other info: wide front, 84" rear axle, PTO, lights front & rear, wheel weights all 4 wheels, hydraulics touch controls, good tires with minor sun checking, quick hitch, draw bar, converted to 12-volt, electronic ignition

1986 Bluewater Cuddy: Seats 6, sleeps 4, includes water skis and tow rope, setup for fishing with rod holders and downrigger, compass, trailer has two new tires. The boat has not been used in salt water. Spent its life on the Columbia River. Engine ran when boat was put away for the winter. The boat was not used for several years and when it was to be used, engine was frozen.

9.8HP Nissan Outboard: Engine only has 5 hours on it. It was purchased as a kicker for fishing on the Bluewater Cuddy. The engine was used on the Columbia River.

2012 Ford F150: Low mile fixer upper. 83300 miles, right front damage and other minor damage inside and out, runs but will need to be hauled. 

1960 MG: Project car, will need to be hauled



High Standard GB .22lr

Remington Rand M1911 A1 .45acp

Rock Island Armory M1911 A1-FS .45acp

Smith & Wesson 29-2 .44 mag

Smith & Wesson M&P .38spl

Carl Gustafs Stads 33/50 6.5 x 55

Inland m1 .30 carbine

Marlin 60 .22lr

Mossberg & Sons 44US .22cal

Remington Rolling Block 45-70

Springfield 30M1 30-06

Waffenfabrik Mauser 1894 6.5 x 55

Winchester 770 300 win mag

Harrington & Richardson 88 12ga

JC Higgins 101.7 12ga

Savage 94K 20ga

Western Fields Repeater 20ga

Winchester 1400 12ga

Winchester 1873 .44cal 1903 production date

Remington 1885 USN 45-70 cal Lee Enfield Design

Springfield MIA 308 win 

ADI Lithgow Australian M1 30-06

1891 Argentine Mauser 8mm

Yugo M39 7.62 x 39

Remington Rolling Block 11mm

Inland M1 Carbine 30 carbine

Polish Met 7.62 x 54 1952 Polish Circle 11 Sporter

Deutsche Waffen 1891 Argentine Mauser 7.65 x 53

Deutsche Waffen 1909 Argentine Mauser 7.65 x 53

Winchester Canadian Centennial 30-30

Sako Mosin M28/30 7.62 x 54

Enfield No.4 MK1/2 .303

Springfield 1884 45-70

Hembrug 1918 6.5 x53

Steyr 95 8 x 57

Zastava M59/66A1 7.62 x 39

Springfield M1A 308 win

Winchester US Model 1917 30-06

Springfield 1898 30-40 craig

Springfield 1898 30-40 craig

Smith Corona 03-A3 30-06

Springfield 1898 30-40 craig

Norinco BWK-92 7.62 x 39

Springfield 1903 Mark 1 30-06

Eddystone 1917 30-06

Steyr 1912 7mm mauser

DWM Argentine 1909 7.65 x 53

DWM Argentine 1909 7.65 x 53

Remington 550-1 .22 cal

Winchester 72 .22 short

Erfurt KAR 88 7.92

Wafenfabrik Bern Mow 10mm

Spain 316 308 win

BYF 98 7.92

Husqvarna M58 6.5 x 55

C. Haenel Suhl KAR 88 7.92

Carl Gustafs Stads M1896B 6.5 x 55

Sporterized Chinese Mauser Hanyang 88 7.92

Zastava M48 8mm

H & R M1 Garand 30-06

Remington 8 .35 cal

Remington Keen 1878 45-70 Very rare! Only 500 produced!

Enfield No.4 MK1 303

Remington Rolling Block 11mm

Springfield 1898 30-40 craig

Springfield 1898 30-40 craig with bayonet

Garrett Arms Sharps Carbine 54 cal

F.llipietta 1851 Navy .44 cal

Italy USMR Dragoon .44 cal

Iver Johnson Model 50 Sidewinder 22 cal

Sako M96 338 lapua

Knight Bighorn Blk Pwdr 50 cal

Thompson Center Pine Ridge Blk Pwdr 50 cal

Carl Walther UIT-E 22lr

Interarms Mark X 270

Rogue Chipmunk 22 cal

Mossberg 500C 20 ga

Mossberg 500A 12 ga

Kentucky Pistol Kit Model KA-709 45 cal blk pwdr

Enfield No4 MK1 303 (no stock)

Enfield No4 MK2(F) 303

Enfield No4 MK2(F) 303

Russian SKS with bayonet 7.62 x 39

Sako AIII 7mm rem mag 

Springfield 1903 30-06

Springfield M1 Garand 30-06

Western Fields SB-712 Series E 30-30

H & R Model 088 20 ga

Remington 870 Wingmaster 16 ga

Stevens 94H 12 ga

Steyer 1914 9mm

H & R 949 22 cal

Hopkins & Allen Range Model 22 cal

Sako L61R Finnbear 30-06

Weatherby Vanguard VGS 300 win mag

Winchester Model 12 12ga

Lyman Old Army 44 cal blk pwdr

Winchester 70 30-06

Sears Ranger 12 ga

Springfield 86C 22 cal


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