Estate/Moving/Stand Alone Auction Listing

Includes unlimited pictures. Private Sales will be listed as “Homeowner Sale”

Featured Sale

The Featured Sale listing fee is an additional $50.00 For a total of $100.00 for one ad. Featured Sales of the week are visible on the front page of ESF from 12:01 am on Monday of the sale week until the following Sunday at 11:59 pm or the conclusion of the sale, whichever is first.

Garage/Yard Sale Listing

Includes unlimited pictures

Flea Market Listing

Includes unlimited pictures

Storage Auction/Weekly or Biweekly Recurring Auction Listing
Rummage Sale/sale benefitting a registered charitable organization

Proof of affiliation required. If the rummage sale is not for a charitable organization, it will should be listed as a garage sale

Community/Neighborhood Sale Listing
Antique Shop Listing

Create a webpage in our Antique Shop Marketplace

Antique Shop Sale

Includes Unlimited Pictures

Provider List-Estate Sale Providers

Join our list of Estate Sale Providers, Professional Auctioneers, and Professional Appraisers. Includes a link to your website.

Provider List-Professional Auctioneers

Join our list of Estate Sale Providers, Professional Auctioneers, and Professional Appraisers. Includes a link to your website.

or $100/year
ESF White Glove Service

Instead of using the automated List Your Sale form, ESF will manually post your sale---- Listing Fee + $20.00 per sale

Listing Fee +
$20.00 per sale

Payment Options

At this time, ESF accepts both personal checks and Paypal as valid forms of payment. We do not directly accept credit or debit cards, but please note that you can use these methods via Paypal. You will be prompted to pay via Paypal upon posting your sale.

To pay using PayPal:
You will be prompted to pay via Paypal upon posting your sale.
You can go directly to your Paypal account & send a payment to

To pay by personal check:
Make checks out to "ESF & Co. LLC" and send to:
C/O Karen Rhinehart
PO Box 592
Gaston, OR 97119

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