Tips from the Pros

We want our shoppers to have positive sale experiences- so we went straight to the source.

Check out what estate sale and antiquing professionals want you to know!

If you're on the lookout for a specific item, be sure to utilize antique shop 'wish lists.' The shop staff will let you know if/when the item arrives.

Don't throw anything away! There's always someone who will see value in the items that you think are trash.

If you're curious what your treasures are worth, be sure to work with a professional appraiser. As experts in their field, professional appraisers will provide you with accurate and impartial appraisals.

When hiring a company to manage you estate liquidation, verify that the business is registered, licensed, or insured. Each state has a unique listing under the Secretary of State website (Oregon, Washington), which will confirm a licensed business and provide a brief history of the company.

People will collect just about anything; cleaning out what you think is garbage before we come in to set up a sale is like tossing cash in the trash.

Patsy Walsh, Muriel Walsh Estate Sales

One time we arrived at a home where the owners had 'cleaned things up for us'. Our crew took nearly everything out of 2 big dumpsters, and sold almost all of it.

Kathy of Kathy's Estate Sales

Many estate sale companies now offer to put you on the sign-up list via email, phone, or text message. If you opt to be added to a list in this way, please remember to be courteous and make every effort to be at the sale site when it opens.